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  1. cartpole

    swing-up and balancing of an inverted pendulum on a cart implemented on a custom-built physical test setup. double pendulum coming soon.

    (image is being aquired as you read this. check back tomorrow)
  2. racecar mpc

    mpc implemented with casadi for following a path through state space. Impossible racing line in demo demonstrates track constraints.

  3. racing line optimization

    global trajectory optimization given a track. Minimizes lap time subject to drive power, steering, and tire friction constraints.

  4. graph slam

    demonstration of the GraphSLAM algorithm excellently solving the loop closing problem, even with non-zero-mean, non-gaussian noise.

  5. turret

    turret-mounted automatic crossbow with onboard facial recognition.

  6. mecanum mpc

    mpc implementation for mecanum-wheeled robots. dynamics model derived using lagrangian mechanics by Max Cai and Alec Petridis (teammates) adding onto work by Inigo M. Caireta. mpc outputs motor voltages.

  7. memes

    using AI to predict meme spread based on textual descriptions by predicting parameters for the SIR epidemiology model.

  8. robot gallery

    A bunch of nice images of the robots i've worked on during my time with FIRST.

  9. kuriosity hardware docs

    A snapshot of the documentation I wrote for Kuriosity Hardware. Not maintained, but still very relevant. Exported from Notion, so some embeds are just links.

  10. cheapo-drive

    A cheap, bare-bones brushless servo driver from scratch to learn about embedded systems, field oriented control, and circuit design. Inspired by the ODrive project.

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